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Idea Tuesday

2011-08-02 18:35:48 by anauthor

Thanks for the comments on the last Idea Tuesday.

Today's IT, provided by the IdeaTron, can be found here or at the end of this post. (for better "quality" use the link & zoom in)

I didn't really enjoy making this one, mainly because I had to look at pictures of bloody meat and because the lions never quite took the form I intended them to.

Anyway, (let me whore out my awesome advice-giving skills by saying) feel free to ask me for advice on relationships/life/etc.

Here's the deed:

Idea Tuesday

Idea Tuesday

2011-07-26 13:57:04 by anauthor

So, being quite newly active on NG, Squidbit linked me to something I would never have found on my own: Tom's IdeaTron. Naturally I thought it was the greatest thing for about three seconds, I later decided that even though it wasn't the greatest after all, I still had to do something with it.
This brings me to the point of this post... I'm starting "Idea Tuesdays." Originally I wanted to call it Terrible Idea Tuesday but that wouldn't have worked out very well.

Also, I've been told I'm good at giving advice, so I'm whoring my [possibly good] advice-giving skills. Feel free to PM me for advice.

My first ever Idea Tuesday was at first going to have a more graffiti-esque style, but that didn't work so well with Paint, so I got inspired by a pic Squidbit found on tumblr a long time ago. Enjoy.

Idea Tuesday

Just here for Squidbit

2011-07-14 13:11:56 by anauthor

Well, maybe some other stuff, too.