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Entry #3

Idea Tuesday

2011-08-02 18:35:48 by anauthor

Thanks for the comments on the last Idea Tuesday.

Today's IT, provided by the IdeaTron, can be found here or at the end of this post. (for better "quality" use the link & zoom in)

I didn't really enjoy making this one, mainly because I had to look at pictures of bloody meat and because the lions never quite took the form I intended them to.

Anyway, (let me whore out my awesome advice-giving skills by saying) feel free to ask me for advice on relationships/life/etc.

Here's the deed:

Idea Tuesday


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2011-08-02 18:42:13

Thst is the most awesomest drawing I've ever seen. :-)

By the way I should probably stop spamming your newsposts now :-/

anauthor responds:

Lol, such a little liar.

Nooo! I like comments... It feeds my News Post ego. Just kidding, it's up to you, but I do like your comments though. :)


2011-08-02 18:54:43

Okay........ :3

anauthor responds:

How's that song coming along?


2011-08-02 19:06:44

Oh yeah, it's finished, I think. I have to get apporved for Newgrounds though.

You can listen to it on SoundCloud if you want to. :)

anauthor responds:

I like it! Especially from 2:30 and on.
How long did it take you to make?


2011-08-02 19:29:17

Thanks. :) 2 or 3 days.

anauthor responds:

Now you can play black ops. ;D
(or make another song, of course)


2011-08-02 19:39:08

lol! I love the zebra leg! Aint nothing like good ol fried zebra! I wonder what they are talking about...besides meat.

anauthor responds:

I'll take some fried tofu instead, hehe.
I'm not sure what they were talking about... Something about moustache farts (brownie points if you get the reference).

I'm still working on the baby oranges bit. It's.... going weird, to say the least. lol


2011-08-02 21:14:05

yeah sure, I'll play Black Ops tomorrow :)

You have any other online games?

anauthor responds:

Not really- although I've been looking for a good game to help pass the time in classes where I don't really need to pay attention. Have any recommendations?

If I do play, it's on live and it's usually GTA IV, Black Ops, Homefront, Gears of War, or Red Dead Redemption.


2011-08-02 21:33:59

Oh yeah I need advice on my life please.

Do I:

a) Slouch around all day playing games.

b) Slouch around all day making music.

c) Slouch around all day making Flash.

d) All of the above.

anauthor responds:

D, I suppose.

Why didn't you give me an option to choose a responsible answer? >:P


2011-08-03 07:58:33

You should be paying attention! >:(

Oh yeah awesome art by the way, the fox is the best!

anauthor responds:

I am paying attention!
Awww, thanks, you're super nice<3 I like the fox, too.
Why is everyone giving me angry faces!? >.<


2011-08-03 13:04:41

lmao!! i get the reference. I sho nuff get it!

(Updated ) anauthor responds:

Yay! 1k Brownie points for you!
Well, so this didn't turn out how I wanted it. I changed it all up after going to the beach this morning- I got some inspiration from umpa lumpa girls. It's probably nothing like you had in mind. :P g


2011-08-03 13:53:00

lol ! Its still good though. I mean she is orange ina bikini! She kinda looks like she got a tanning issue.

anauthor responds:

She certainly does... But you totally missed the pair of oranges in the bikini top.


2011-08-03 14:14:57

thems aint no oranges! Them skinless cantaloupes! j/k

Oh i saw them. I was lookin at the abs.

anauthor responds:

LOL skinless cantaloupes.


2011-08-03 14:16:27

btw do you use for your drawings?

anauthor responds:

I use Paint, and have Windows 7. So it's really basic stuff... But I love it :)


2011-08-05 17:16:43

Well you do a really good job! I love your art.

anauthor responds:

Thank you <3


2011-08-07 15:13:11

Those lions look very civilized.

anauthor responds:

You would think so, right?
The thing is, the poor butcher doesn't know they're not REALLY after a couple of zebra legs. ;P


2011-08-13 10:59:38

hey u kno the chinese version of i am legend
well they dub in chinese PLUS they put chinese subtitles so even the deaf can hear it


2011-08-20 11:49:15

I love this picture :)
The male lion looks so friendly with his smile :D